Actions In Progress

Dover 8/14/22 - Kristine: Distributed brochures, bookmarks, and restaurant cards. Working with Dover’s Business Development Director to distribute information sheet on plastic reduction and reusables to Dover’s 80 restaurants. Finished a draft of a restaurant survey to be used across the state. Created another Green Tip. (Make your own yogurt.)

Dover 6/19/22 - Kristine: The Dover Plastics Group is focused on getting the City Council to issue a Proclamation for July to be Plastic Pollution Reduction Month in conjunction with Plastic Free July. The group also is developing Actions of the Week based on our Green Tips. They will be briefer versions of the Green Tips with distribution planned through the Dover Dems and the city of Dover’s Dover Download electronic newsletter. These will be shared with other towns, as well. Also continuing to work on encouraging restaurants to use more sustainable practices and choose reusables. Will be working with Christina to build on the Ocean Friendly Restaurant model. Cynthia Cynthia presented at the NH Network Summit on Saturday on the Plastic Working Groups’ focus and progress highlighting the Ten Towns Initiative and our website. She is working with the Dover Plastics Group on July activities and coordinated a tabling event at the Dover Dems’ garage sale in early June.

Dover 5/20/22 - Kristine: Planning for Plastics Free July; Reusables campaign: subgroup is assembling info; focusing on restaurants and food purveyors; Build upon Surfrider’s OFR program and do something similar in Dover

Dover 4/24/22 - Kristine’s group PWG of the Dover Dems produced an Earth Day Green Tip; organized book display event at the Dover Library w/Green Tips, book mark, and NEC poster; Monthly ‘Don’t Trash Dover’ clean up day; reusables campaign in progress focused on restaurant/hospitality/food purveyors; attended Lebanon foam collection; Cynthia reports that the Pittsburgh City Council has banned plastic bags (and fracking years ago); Green Tips will be shared with Pittsburgh’s St Bruno’s Creation Care Team and possible another church; foldable grocery bags to be used in a ‘better bag’ campaign; cart use for ‘no plastic pathway’ and reusable plastic buckets

Dover - 4/10/22- Kristine is the Co-Chair Dover Dems Plastic Pollution Reduction Group, Reusable Campaign, Dover Library Display; communicating with Rye for potential involvement. Cynthia involved in Indiana plastic spill/NW PA fracking; promoting TTTA outside NH

Dover - 3/27/22 - Kristine & Mike met with Resilience Director; Earth Day craft display at Library, cotton cloth bags

Dover - 3/13/22 - Kristine/Cynthia attended March 3 NH Dem Party platform listening sessions - recommended environment, work force, education; Dover Dems initiating a reusables campaign - partnering with library on Earth Day events; working with the City’s resilience coordinator; willing to share materials; pamphlets available on reuse, replace options on TTT website

Actions Completed

Dover began the process of working with its Resilience Coordinator to develop the section on plastic pollution reduction for the new Resilience Master Plan.

Displays, handouts, and activities made available to all residents of Dover.

Mayor and City Council voted unanimously to support proclamation.

Mayor and City Council voted unanimously to support the resolution.

Green Tips are on-going and used in many ways. Very successful action.