Actions In Progress

Durham - 6/19/22 Kennedy: doing research on microplastics in Great Bay. She has found two people to come to talk about microplastics at our meeting.

Durham - 5/8/22 - Susan: Recycle Right campaign to launch June 4 with Durham Day; applying for $1000 Seed grant from New England Grassroots Environment Fund. Currently have compost accepted at our Transfer Station, but need ideas from others on how to get curbside compost collection for whole town. Christina suggests the SEAREI website, WRAD compost initiative, Planted for the Planet in the Seacoast area, and a pilot with Mr Fox, gathering data. (Susan will email Christina to learn more.) Cynthia suggests starting a compost subgroup of Plastics WG – would bring in gardeners and farmers to our group

Durham - 3/27/22 - Susan will share foam recycling info with solid waste committee; will promote TTT at end of event; librarian is handling Earth Day event with HS students

Durham - 3/13/22 - Susan has been appointed to Solid Waste Committee; wants to increase recycling rate; wants to have a tractor trailer to collect styrofoam; meets 2x/week; encouraging ice cream shop to be plastic free; library display case opportunity, energy committee earth day collaboration.

Actions Completed

Opinion: Marine plastic pollution – we aren’t off the hook yet

By KENNEDY McGRATH for the Concord Monitor. Published June 12, 2022.