Actions In Progress

Harrisville - 8/19/22 - Mary: Gathered her team and made a display for NexTrex film recycling. The display will be a their recycling center.

Harrisville - 8/14/22 - Mary: Will be starting in September to put together pictures of plastics for display at transfer station showing which plastics are acceptable for recycling. Will distribute NH Network cloth bags. Mary is a representative to their transfer station recycling committee.

Harrisville - 6/19/22 - Mary: Will be doing a Plastic Free July panel which will include Christina Dubin. Keene State will be hosting it. Mary has sent out information. There will be four speakers and then time for questions. Working with town committees to see what else can be done. Will do bin monitoring, education, and tabling for Plastic Free July. Working on a styrofoam collection program which will transport foam to the densifier in Gilford.

Harrisville - 5/2022 - Mary: working on Harrisville's newsletter article and Cheshire Academy for Lifelong Learning presentation

Harrisville - 5/8/22 - Mary: Harrisville to celebrate 150th anniversary, will have a table to educate about plastics. Nearby town of Bennington joined TTT; their town leader will come to the next Harrisville meeting. Working on local recycling tips. Don’t want to intimidate people with so much information! Home Depot takes some plastic. Working with the town plastic committee.

Harrisville - 4/24/22 - Mary attended NRRA Recycle Right info session; Harrisville team meeting - two new members; Earth Day exhibit at library; promo on FB page; foam drive; sent out a list (to all my networks of Gardeners, Mermaids, Action folks in Harrisville) of 6 recycling tips (NexTrex, Subaru (Terracycle), Styrofoam collection and batteries, EcoSmith - clothing/shoes, and coffee grounds at Starbucks) Will pass it along to the PWG.

Harrisville - 4-10-22 - Mary is working on promo materials for TTTA website; 3rd meeting of Harrisville TTTA & Recycling Committee; July panel for Plastic Free July; trial run for foam collection

Harrisville/Nelson - 3/27/22 - Mary & Patsy met with KSC Call program; will host expert panel for Plastic Free July month - Christina, Melissa Gates, Joshua on the panel; collecting foam over 3 months; conscious of carbon footprint for transporting foam; newsletter publications ongoing promoting NexTrex and Terracycle; impacting other on plastic wrap considerations; “Read - Return - Repeat” messaging in online newsletter and library; new action to introduce plastic pollution education into stem/art classes; resources on ‘craftivism’; Google Analytics for the Ten Towns Toolkit

Harrisville - 3/13/22 - Mary is planning a foam collection and has convened a Harrisville group, met with Josh A on his plastic attitudes research

Actions Completed

Use Your Creativity to Educate Others and Address the Plastics Problem

Harrisville's Ten Towns Toolkit Leader Mary wrote a song to address plastics pollution

Mary has published information about the Harrisville Ten Towns Actions in her local newsletter, Common Threads and on Facebook.