Microplastic Madness Screening

Host a Screening of Microplastic Madness: Award-Winning Documentary

Explore Cafeteria Culture's Website

Step 1. Explore the resources on Cafeteria Culture’s website to learn how to host a screening. The fee will be waived if you partner with a K-12 public school, conduct a post-screening survey, and provide secure photos of the event

Team Up With Sustainability Club

Step 2. Team up with your local or regional high school’s sustainability club

In Claremont, NH they contacted the school superintendent and here's the letter that they used, which you can download and edit: Letter to Superintendent: Microplastic Madness 

Schedule the Screening

Step 3. Set the date, time, and location for the screening


Step 4. Advertise in your local print, tv, radio, and social media

Arrange Tech Assistance

Step 5. Arrange for technology assistance if necessary


Step 6. Host the Microplastic Madness Screening!