Plastic Film Recycling

Start a ‘Plastic Film Recycling Challenge

Educate Yourself about NexTrex

Step 1. Watch the video to the left. Next, study the resources on the home page of the NexTrex website and also their Educate page. You will learn how plastic bags and plastic films that protect food and consumer goods can have a second life as outdoor Trex decking!

NexTrex has two types of programs.

  1. The community recycling challenge has participants collect at least 500 pounds in 6 months to earn a bench. This program relies on store drop-offs and there is NO pick up offered. Participating groups weigh their material and then take it to the store. Flyer with more details.

  2. The Grassroots program is an opportunity for communities (and other entities) to work with Trex to collect and bale larger amounts of film and bags. This DOES have a pick up option. This option is a good one if your town has a bailer. Flyer with more details.

Watch the video on Trex School and Community Recycling Programs

Step 2. Watch this video and decide if you would like to work on the Plastic Film Recycling Challenge project with a local school or school system, another group in your community, or even your Solid Waste Manager. (Skip to Step 4 if you'd prefer to educate individuals to help them take action.)

Find a Local Partner for your Challenge

Step 3. Meet with your local school, community group, or Solid Waste Manager to share information about the ‘Plastic Film Recycling Challenge.’ Adapt the ideas on the NexTrex website and design your own Plastic Film Recycling Challenge to meet your town's or city's needs. Consider competitions between schools or civic groups.

Harrisville, NH Ten Towns Team at their recycling center.

Educate for Individual Action - Make a Display

Step 4. In place of a competition, you could consider a library display or a display at your recycling center to encourage individual action to promote plastic film recycling. Use this poster to educate residents of your town or city. Here's a section of a webpage with information about items approved, or not, for NexTrex recycling. Use this information to make your display.

Find Plastic Film Drop Off Locations Near You

Step 5. Contact local supermarkets to see if they send their plastic film to NexTrex. Here's a link to a poster with listings, by state, of drop off locations.