Community Waste Audit

Organize a Community Waste Audit

Check if a Waste Audit Has Already Happened

Step 1. Check with your solid waste manager to see if a Community Waste Audit has already happened in your town/city. Read about what's happening in New Hampshire in the Northeast Resource Recovery Association's 2020 Annual Report.

Study Dumpsters 5-Step Checklist

Step 2. Study the Dumpsters 5-Step Checklist for How to Conduct a Waste Audit (written for business, but it applies)

Study Top Global Polluters

Step 3. Study the 2020 Top Global Polluters list from Green Matters

Convene Interested Others

Step 4. Join an existing group or organize a first clean up day:

  • collaborate with a school class, civic club, or scout group

  • document kinds of trash and identify main sources Example: a particular restaurant chain or coffee shop