Refillables and Reusables

Takeout made sustainable!

Replacing single-use takeout containers by introducing a collect & return system that is convenient, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Customizable Water Bottles 

EarthHero does customizable, sustainable swag. The first section of their catalog features drinkware items. The options include Hydro Flask and Kleen Kanteen products.

You can go directly through the individual companies as well: 

For metal bottles with out plastic tops try — they offer bulk prices and printing.

Full-time members of the Dartmouth community can join the program with a $10.00 investment.

When entering 53 Commons, indicate you would like to take your meal to-go when swiping in.

"Since 1996, Preserve has made products that are good for both people and the planet. We transform yogurt cups into toothbrushes and take-out containers into tableware. Through innovations in sustainable materials, recycling systems, and performance-driven design, Preserve has created low-impact, stylish products to accompany you in your day-to-day life."

Recirblable is working to provide eco-conscious consumers and restaurants the opportunity to reduce waste by offering reusable containers for takeout as an alternative to single use containers.

See what's happening in Europe in the refillable container space.

"BYO stands for Bring Your Own. Add C for containers, M for mugs, U for utensils, or N for napkins. The possibilities are aplenty. We are America’s BYO enthusiasts for community, climate and environmental justice. "

10 simple steps you can take to move closer to zero waste and reduce single-use plastic pollution

January 2023 Past Action 

Join the FoCo Trash Mob Team for a Starbucks Mob

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