Schools Switching to Reusables

We were thrilled to have our first

UNH Sustainability Fellow!

Cassie Lefleur was awarded a University of New Hampshire Sustainability Fellowship to collaborate with volunteers across the state to produce a roadmap to reduce plastic overuse in schools and municipalities. Read a press release about Cassie here.


Cassie Lefleur produced this informational guide to support school cafeterias interested in switching from single-use plastic utensils and trays to reusables.

This handout shows that if you switch over to reusable stainless steel utensils and trays, you will significantly reduce the cost and the waste in your school.

The What, Why, Who, and How of saving money on reusables in schools - and it does not significantly impact staffing while helping the environment!

Infographic by Cindy Heath, Ten Towns Toolkit Leader from Cornish, NH with help from Christina Dubin from Portsmouth