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Goal of the Ten Towns · Ten Actions Toolkit

The Ten Towns Ten Actions Toolkit is a menu of concrete actions, ready-made templates, and technical support started by ten volunteers — many of whom have already been successful in effecting change in their communities and all willing to help others rethink plastic. The goal of the Toolkit is to inspire and guide community leaders, catalysts, champions, and others in accomplishing actions toward plastic waste reduction and zero waste strategies, and also to track and celebrate the accomplishments publicly through regular, coordinated media announcements and events.

For some history, see our Ten Towns Toolkit Today Newsletters.

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UNH Sustainability Fellow!

Cassie Lefleur was awarded a University of New Hampshire Sustainability Fellowship to collaborate with volunteers across the state to produce a roadmap to reduce plastic overuse in schools and municipalities. Read a press release about Cassie here.

After you complete an action, please let us know

Click the "Share Your Accomplishments" button above to complete a form with information about the action and its impact.

Directly impacted = 2,800 people

Estimated indirect impact = 1o,000 individuals

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Ten Towns • Ten Actions Toolkit Checklist

The Ten Towns • Ten Actions Toolkit Checklist is a quick reference tool that identifies the framework area and potential partner for each action. 

To download the checklist and keep track of your own progress, hover over the top right corner to locate the download button. Once downloaded, look for the Google Sheets File menu. From there you can Make a copy to keep track of actions you complete and the date.

Be sure to let us know about your progress in the "Share Your Accomplishments" form above so we can help you celebrate your success!

Ten Towns • Ten Actions Toolkit Checklist - Jan 2022

Ten Towns • Ten Actions Leader Resource Team