Sustainability Committee 

Establish or Join a Sustainability Committee

Learn About Sustainability Committees in Other Towns

Step 1. Read about the Bristol, NH Sustainability Committee.

Step 2. Look at how the Sustainable Hanover Committee is organized.

Step 3. Explore the work of the Portsmouth Blue Ribbon Sustainable Practices Committee.

Learn About the Committees in Your Town

Step 4. Research whether your town has an Energy or Sustainability Committee. If they do, join in!

Step 5. Approach your Town or City Administrator for advice on how to establish a committee.

Write the Committee's Mission Statement

Step 6. Develop a mission and scope of the work of the committee using models from Bristol and Hanover. Also check out Hudson, Lee, Somersworth, Exeter, Portsmouth, Nashua, Derry, Keene, Concord, Manchester.

Work With Your Town Selectboard or City Council to Establish the Committee

Step 7. Follow the advice received in Step 4.

Step 8. Contact the Ten Towns • Ten Actions Leader Resource for support.

Get Started Working on Sustainability Issues in Your Town!

Step 9. Send out a call for members to join the committee.

Step 10. Start working on sustainability issues in your community—waste reduction, energy, weatherization, plastic pollution, composting, and recycling (as a last resort).