Actions In Progress

Bonnie - 10/23/22 - Hopkinton: Students joining Sustainability Committee at school; reusables in place at middle school; new facilities manager who implemented successful beyond net zero result at Oyster River MS; “Let’s Talk Trash” had over 30 people at library event - 4 speakers: Bonnie: Overview/SW Plan; NRRA staff on ‘Recycle Right’; xfer station mgr education; composting program how to; data on tonnage included; will share slides

Hopkinton - 10/9/22 -  Bonnie: “Let’s Talk Trash” - why NH has a waste problem, Do’s & Don'ts at the Transfer Station, Recycle Right, composting; future program exclusively on plastics; pilot composting project in New London for collecting food scraps; wants to replicate in Hopkinton

Hopkinton – 9/25/22- Bonnie: Fall Festival – Active Participation by 6th graders to distribute compostable garbage bags and utensils and also collect recyclable aluminum and plastic; Handed out 300 sets of reusable utensils. Bonnie has been working with grade school staff, including three 6th grade teachers to reduce plastic in the cafeteria. 

Hopkinton  - 8/14/22 - Bonnie: NRRA will do "trash on the lawn" day. Will put all trash from the school day out on the lawn and students sort it as an educational process. Asked Chamber to support proclamation that had been issued by the Select Board. As a result, sensitivity has increased in regard to handling waste at an upcoming fall festival. Bonnie is working on how to reduce plastic waste for the event where food will be provided by food truck.

Hopkinton  - 6/19/22 - Bonnie: Focusing on Plastic Free July. The Select Board will finalize the Proclamation tomorrow and the School Board Chair will support it. The library will hand out bookmarks and will also show a film. Going to use the challenge sheet from Plastic Free July with more detailed information on the flip side. Bonnie asked whether we can identify films of different lengths and for different audiences?

Hopkinton  - 4/24/22 - Bonnie- roadside clean up - offered 2 bags (recyclables & trash); Witching Hour Provisions offered raffle & coffee in compostable bags; gave away reusable cloth bags; clean up under the deck by the river; young person writing a letter to pizza restaurant to stop using styrofoam; 1 school has switched to reusables in cafeteria; high school coming next; promoting Plastic Free July resolution to Selectboard; River-Friendly Businesses and Restaurants certification, coordinating with Chamber of Commerce.  Modeled after the Ocean-Friendly Restaurant program that Surfrider does; speaking at NEC Climate Action Class; ‘Bring Bags’ hang tag (Vistaprint); decal for window using Vistaprint

Hopkinton -  3/27/22 - Bonnie: Earth Day roadside clean up organized by WRC, convinced CC to be involved too; also Rotary and Hop Dems will be joining; Witching Hour Provisions refillery may join & promote reusables; brought random plastic from Beaver Dam and Dunkin Donut parking lot and passed it around to CC; 4th of July parade participation & Plastic Free July proclamation; local farm has USDA grant pilot for on-farm composting to divert waste and composting food scraps at farms - may evolve to transfer station

Actions Completed

Handout to help people rethink waste and plastics during the holidays.