Publicize Your Efforts

Get the Word Out About 

Your Ten Towns • Ten Actions Success and Plastic Pollution

Decide How to Share

Step 1. There are many ways to publicize your success stories and share information about plastic pollution both in-writing and in-person. 

Consider these Writing Rules of Thumb

Step 2. Here are some tips:

Reach Out to Your Local Newspaper(s) or Town Newsletter

Step 3. If you'd like to share your success in your community — or teach your local community about plastic pollution issues — review this list from the NH Sierra Club to find a publication near you. Your town may have a local newsletter, so reach out. 

Other similar lists are from StayWorkPlay and NH Business Review.

If you email and you do not hear back, follow up with a phone call. 

Here's an article about the rollout of the Ten Towns Toolkit that was written after reaching out to a reporter from the Keene Sentinel.

Publish on Social Media

Step 4. Create a special Facebook page or post on your own social media page about  your Ten Towns Actions or ways to rethink plastic. Encourage readers to share.  

Visit Harrisville NH's Ten Towns • Ten Actions Facebook Page for an example.

Pictures are especially great for posting on Facebook. You can easily turn a PDF into a picture by taking a screen print or using a snipping tool.

Thank the Publisher and Let Us Know!

Step 5. Once you have something published, thank the newspaper, newsletter editor, or reporter. Then let the Ten Towns Toolkit Team know! Email and remember to fill out the Share Your Accomplishments - Complete Google Form by clicking the link or the attached button.