Present to a Local Group

Present to Local Group(s): Faith, Civic, Business, Youth Groups

Explore Local Groups to Find Partners

Step 1. Pick a partner to present with or to:

  • Faith - e.g., Stewardship or Church Creation Care Committee

  • Civic - e.g., Rotary (see their webpage Protecting the Environment

  • Business - e.g., Chamber of Commerce, Professional Associations

  • Youth - e.g., Scouts, 4-H, school or church youth clubs

Download Ten Towns Powerpoints

Modify the Slides

Step 3. Modify slides to fit your audience (e.g., group’s policies/practices toward non-plastic options)

Schedule a Presentation

Step 4. Work with your partners to schedule a presentation, including feedback questions

Consider the Following

Step 5. Some things to consider for your presentation:

  • Consider using actual examples of non-plastic alternatives in presentation

  • Consider handouts such as Dover's Reduce Plastic Pollution & Save $$ flyer

  • Consider asking about policies to purchase non-plastic alternatives (e.g., for food service)

  • Consider including group with other events, e.g., local trash pick-up/educational event