About the NH Network

 Plastics Working Group

About the NH Network Plastics Working Group

The Ten Towns •  Ten Actions Toolkit is an effort coming out of the Plastics Working Group of the NH Network. The broad focus of the Plastics Working Group is to address the intersectionality of climate change, human health, environmental justice, waste reduction, and pollution aspects of plastics and the petrochemical industry. To this end, the Plastics Work Group supports local, state, and federal initiatives to:

• Reduce the production and use of unnecessary single-use plastic products and packaging

• Increase the producer's responsibility for the full life-cycle of plastics and truth in advertising

• Develop and implement local policy actions and state and federal legislation to reduce plastics and the impacts of the petrochemical industry

• Develop partnerships with the business, education, non-profit, and municipal sectors to implement alternatives to petroleum-based plastics

• Engage in public education to raise awareness of the environmental and human health risks of plastic, the availability of plastic alternatives, and the need for source reduction strategies, related plastic waste reduction strategies, and recycling only as a last resort.


“What you do makes a difference and 

you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”  

~Jane Goodall