Local Restaurant, Dry Cleaner, or Chamber of Commerce

Engage with Your Local Restaurant, Dry Cleaner or Chamber of Commerce

Explore Restaurants and Dry Cleaners

Step 1. Explore which restaurants and dry cleaners in your community are already using non-plastic take-out containers

Study Dover's Survey

Step 2. Study 

Suggest Straws on Request

Step 3. Suggest starting a campaign for restaurants to provide straws only on request. Check out the Skip the Stuff Campaign from Upstream.

Convene Interested Others

Step 4. Study and suggest alternatives to plastic straws. Explore this resource: Guide for Alternatives to Foam Food Containers

Develop List of Suggestions to Limit Plastic

Step 5. Develop a bullet point list of suggestions that can be distributed to restaurant members including making sure dumpsters are closed, discontinuing straws, and using compostable take-out containers.

Read "Hold the Plastic, Please" guide for restaurants from Beyond Plastics

Write a Letter to the Editor

Step 6. Write a letter to the editor celebrating restaurants in your town that are using sustainable practices

Campaign to Distribute Reusable Take-Out Bags

Step 7. Start a campaign to distribute reusable take-out bags to customers