Host a Movie Screening

Host a Screening of Microplastic Madness, Blue Vinyl, Once You Know, Kiss the Ground, or Films from The Story of Stuff

Explore Websites

Step 1. Explore websites that explain how to access and host your film.

Microplastic Madness: Explore the resources on Cafeteria Culture’s website to learn how to host a screening. The fee will be waived if you partner with a K-12 public school, conduct a post-screening survey, and provide secure photos of the event. 

Blue Vinyl: Blue Vinyl is the winner of a Sundance Film Festival Award and nominated for two Emmy Awards. Synopsis: Turned off by her parents’ decision to put vinyl siding on their small Long Island house, director Judith Helfand takes viewers on her 5-year adventure across the United States and to Europe to get the back story on vinyl.  

Once You Know: "Once You Know takes viewers on an intimate trek across the abyss of a world at the edge of catastrophe, into the intersection of climate science and civil disobedience."

Kiss the Ground: "Kiss the Ground reveals that, by regenerating the world’s soils, we can completely and rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant food supplies."

The Story of Stuff: The Story of Stuff Project has a host of movies.

Team Up With Your Sustainability Club, Conservation Commission, or Recycling Committee

Step 2. Team up with your local or regional high school’s sustainability club, town's conservation commission, or local recycling committee. 

In Claremont, NH they contacted the school superintendent and here's the letter that they used, which you can download and edit: Letter to Superintendent: Microplastic Madness 

Schedule the Screening

Step 3. Set the date, time, and location for the screening. 

Make it a zero-waste event by asking attendees to bring their own waterbottles.


Step 4. Advertise in your local print, tv, radio, and social media.

Arrange Tech Assistance

Step 5. Arrange for technology assistance if necessary.


Step 6. Host the screening!