Harrisville, NH is one of the towns participating in the Ten Towns • Ten Actions Campaign

They have a team of volunteers working to spread the word and help people reduce plastic. While waiting until the products they need and use no longer come wrapped in plastic, here are options in their area:

  1. Styrofoam or Polystyrene Collection

  • Harrisville collected styrofoam/polystyrene for 3 months as a test project from 4-15-22 thru 7-15-22.

  • Eligible Styrofoam: Bulk Packing block (often surround electronics), insulation panels, foam coolers, and packing peanuts

  • Ineligible Styrofoam: to-go food containers, cups, and anything not clean, dry and white.

  • In the meantime, the Harrisville group will be researching the most efficient and eco-friendly way to move what they collect to a processing facility

  1. Plastic and Film Collection

  • The NexTrex program uses plastic collected so that its company ‘Trex’ can build composite decking and benches.

  • The NexTrex program currently exists at 4 nearby major grocery chains (Hannaford's, Market Basket, Shaws, and Price Chopper) in Keene/Peterborough, plus 2 collection points for the town of Marlborough

  • Harrisville hopes to begin collecting by June 1. If the town collects 500 pounds in 6 months, they can earn a bench for the town.

  • At this time they are still working on determining the best collection point(s).

  • You can recycle much more than plastic shopping bags. For whatever reason, the grocery stores have not advertised that fact.

  • Click for lists of eligible and ineligible items and local drop off points:

  • Some posters from NexTrex that illustrate what can be collected: (https://recycle.trex.com/view/educate )

  • You can drop off any eligible plastic at the local drop off points – or save it for Harrisville when they start collecting in June.

TerraCycle Program with Subaru

  • At Subaru of Keene, there are only 2 bins which accept (for free):

    • Snack/candy wrappers (cleaned + dried)

    • K-cup coffee pods (Cleaned – no grounds)

    • Creamer capsules (cleaned)

  • NOTE 1: I was not able to determine why Subaru of Keene did not offer the bin for coffee and drink cups, lids and straws

  • NOTE 2: There probably are bins at Subaru of Brattleboro as well, but it appears they only recycle K-cups.


These have nothing to do with plastic – but involve recycling:

Starbucks Grounds for your Garden Compost

Staples Battery Recycling for free

Ecosmith Textile and Shoe Recyclers

  • https://ecosmithrecyclers.com/ - Based in New Boston, NH

  • Bins are Bright Butter Yellow w/Colorful images – One location is by Achille Agway in Keene

  • All items donated that can still be worn are sold with that goal in mind. Attempts are made to repair damaged items.

  • If unrepairable, recycled into: wiping cloths, insulation, playground surfaces.

For more information – here are websites for the overall organization and our Harrisville team



Please share this information with your assorted networks. Contact Mary Armstrong if you would like to join the Harrisville team.