Plant Pot Recycling

Organize a Plant Pot Recycling Day

Research East Jordan Plastics

Step 1. East Jordan Plastics is a mid-western company that recycles plastic plant pots in partnership with The Home Depot and commercial nurseries and garden centers throughout the US and Canada.

Contact Garden Center or Home Depot

Step 2. Ask if your local garden center or Home Depot has a relationship with the East Jordan Plastics Plant Pot Recycling Program. Share the information from their website and offer to coordinate a plant pot collection day.

Find Organization to Collaborate With

Step 3. Find an organization to collaborate with such as a Rotary Club, sustainability committee, school environmental group, church, or solid waste facility.

Schedule Collection Date

Step 4. Select a date and location for the collection.


Step 5. Advertise in local papers, radio, TV, social media, listservs. See sample poster from Gardener's Supply.

Collect Plant Pots!

Step 6. Host your collection!

As part of the effort, educate people about how to get plastics out of their lives: Guide for Polystyrene Reduction Policies and/or Strategies to Get Plastic Out of Your Life. Also share other resources from our Zero Waste webpage.

-photo by Jennifer Grant


And above all, remember to reuse the pots you already have!