Engagement Actions

Suggested First Steps for Engagement Actions

Engagement Actions involve citizen action, community events, and education

  1. Identify one or more organizations in your community as potential partners

        • You may personally know a leader or long-standing member of the organization

        • The organization has stated values that align with pollution reduction (stewardship in a faith group, environmental health in a scout group, or school Eco-club)

        • The organization has started some projects that fit with plastic waste reduction (waste clean-up events)

  2. Review website(s) of the organization(s) on local and national levels to learn more

  1. Meet with the local leader(s) of the organization(s) to learn if they already have plans and policies before you propose an action for plastic waste reduction

  1. Chat with a Ten TownsTen Actions Toolkit Leader Resource who has experience with the action you want to take

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