From the Dover Plastics Reduction Group

What to do with plastics that aren't #1 and #2.

Alternatives to plastic poop bags and other ideas.

Learn about container deposit bills. 

Don't be fooled. Advanced and chemcial "recycling" are NOT recycling. 

The term Zero Waste is popping up on our radar lately. This page provides a snapshot of the history, definition, and practices of Zero Waste. As a Ten Towns Ten Actions participant, you could lead your community to begin its first Zero Waste journey!

The Plastic Working Group is grateful to have UNH Sustainability Fellow Cassie Lafleur who is working to provide NH public schools and municipalities with the information they need to switch from single-use plastics to reusables. 

For Medical Professionals

To get to Net-Zero we need to extend the life of single-use medical devices. Information about toxins in plastic.

Holiday Tips, Campaigns, and Other Resources

International Compost Awareness Week

May 5-11 2024

"Compost may become contaminated via contaminated feedstock. Although compost infuses soil with rich organic matter and supports soil biodiversity, compost products may become contaminated by physical or chemical contaminants (e.g. plastics and microplastics, PFAS, heavy metals) which may end up in soil and potentially impact water quality, plants and organisms."

Planet vs. Plastics - Earth Day 2024

From Beyond Plastics. Please note that Beyond Plastics does not endorse any specific companies or products.

Happy Holidays from the 

NH Network Plastics Working Group!