Actions In Progress

Sherry - 11/6/22 - Nashua: Outreach to Conservation Commission and Community Development Director

Nashua - 10-9-22 -  Sherry:- poke with faculty at Bishop Guertin to explore food service changes; school is conservative but trying to find advocates in 3 schools; planning outreach via FB to recruit people to work with PWG; asphalt mfr purchased land is proposing to start up operations in a low income area; activists are working to vote it down; attended National Caucus of Environmental Legislators focused on bike/ped and energy; legislators from around NE; all can be a resource in terms of research across the US on climate/environmental issues; different from office of legislative service; Sabin Center @ Columbia - pro bono attorneys that will draft legislation based on policy ideas; National Caucus of Environmental Legislators: Nashua Library is a likely collaborator for films, events, promotion, engagement

Actions Completed