Extended Producer Responsibilty


From Beyond Plastics and Just Zero, 2022

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is a policy tool that makes producers legally and financially responsible for easing the environmental impacts of their products and packaging.

Streamed on 15th June 2021

"EPR can be more than a financing tool for recycling. It’s an opportunity to improve transparency, incentivize better packaging design and reduce carbon emissions."

"To stop packaging pollution we need a circular economy where we eliminate what we don't need, innovate towards new packaging, products and business models, and circulate all the packaging we do use. To circulate packaging, we need dedicated, ongoing, and sufficient funding for collection, sorting, and recycling – otherwise the economics simply do not stack up – it costs more to do, than the money it makes.

The only proven way to provide the necessary funding is through schemes where the companies putting packaging on the market are required to pay for its collection, sorting, and recycling — such schemes are called extended producer responsibility (EPR).

Articles and Resources 

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EPR helps improve recycling rates.

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