Actions In Progress

Claremont 10/9/22 - Reb: Chili Cook Off booth - anti litter task force; insisted on metal water bottles donated by Edward Jones with anti litter task force logo; bookmarks with plastics pledge in exchange for water bottle; joined the restaurant group; A Better Claremont is opposing the proposed C & D transfer station;

Claremont - 9/25/22 – Reb: Anti-litter Task Force - Tabling planned for Oct 1 Chili Cook Off.

Claremont - 9/11/22 - Reb & Jack: Finished Thinking in Systems, by Meadows (recommends); Claremont anti-litter task force has a table at the chili cook off displaying PWG materials Oct. 1st; ZB will hopefully deny permit to Acuity Corp. for C & D debris from around NE on Sept. 19th; Anti-littering group task force continues 

Claremont - 8/28/2022 - Reb: Summer event had tabling in cooperation with Anti-littering group. Claremont Anti Littering Working Group applied for two grants; the one on watershed resilience and climate did not get funded, but another grant was funded.

Claremont - 8/14/2022 - Jack: On several boards and commissions that he will take info about plastic reduction to. Had celebration in city and restaurant cards and brochures distributed. Jack is part of the Anti-Litter committee which has three current initiatives; Adopt a Spot, a project to deal with cigarette butts, and a plastic reduction project.

Claremont - 6/19/2022 - Reb; working with the Anti-Litter Task Force. They are not doing Plastic Free July but will do a Plastics Reduction Program that will launch when the Pleasant St project has a grand opening in August. Made contact with the school and hope to coordinate a program with them on microplastics.

Claremont - 6/18/2022 - Reb: working on a Plastics Reduction project as the Anti-Litter Task Force in Claremont. They are working on an Anti-Litter and Plastics Reduction focus for the Grand Opening ceremony of Pleasant Street Renovations (downtown Claremont) in mid-August: tabling to distribute information about plastic reduction and the Anti-Litter Task Group. Working towards showing the Microplastic Madness movie in the schools in the fall.

Claremont - 4/24/22 - Reb: organized a Microplastics Madness free screening; Valley News promoted; working Plastic Free July campaign;

Claremont  4/10/22- Reb: is exploring screening Microplastics Madness in June/July; created a proclamation for PFJ and seeking partners to bring to City Council

Claremont - 4/10/22 - Jack: is advancing an Earth Day display at the library

Claremont - 3/27/22 - Reb: is working on an educational program at the Claremont Library in July; privatization of transfer station; financially sustainable

Claremont - 3/13/22 - Reb/Jack: are planning to make the Earth Day book list suggestion to library (Jack is a Trustee); need help on solid waste facility privatization

Actions Completed