To the Committee to Study Extended Producer Responsibility (09/18/23)

To the NH Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee (02/07/23)

SB 267 - Rule Making for Advance Recycling Faciltiies

C. Walter - 1:30:00

K. Baber - 1:55:00

B. Christie - 2:00:00 

J. Gage - 2:08:00

House Environment and Agriculture (02/21/23)

HB 253 - Establishing a Committee to Study Extended Producer Responsibility - Passed the House and is on to the NH Senate!

You can view the hearing (it's the first one in the embedded YouTube ), which begins with PWG member and State Representative Sherry Dutzy with Cynthia Walter, PhD. following at ~ 20:00 minutes. The rest of the committee hearing on landfill siting is excellent and worth watching, with several members of the PWG testifying.

Interesting written testimony for HB 253 from two trade of groups is attached representing the forestry (neutral) and plastics industry (support) are attached.

Many PWG members signed in to support this bill, contributing to the 78 online entries in support. There were 4 opposed, but 2 were commenting on another bill.