Recycle Right

Start a ‘Recycle Right’ Campaign with Your Solid Waste Manager

Study Recycle Right

Step 1. Study Gilford Library’s presentation Recycle Right and if you have time the 2022 Northeast Resource Recovery Association's Annual Report and their website

These posters/flyers should also be extremely helpful: 

Gilford NH Recycle Right Flyers

Hopkinton NH Waste Reduction Committee Flyers

Propose Recycle Right to Solid Waste Committee

Step 2. Attend local Solid Waste Committee meetings to propose the ‘Recycle Right’ campaign

Meet with Solid Waste Manager

Step 3. Meet with your local Solid Waste Manager to share information on ‘Recycle Right’

Present at Town Library

Step 4. Offer to co-present with your Solid Waste Manager at your town library

Plan Trash Pick-up Education Day

Step 5. Plan a Trash Pick-up Education Day in collaboration with your Public Works Department and school clubs or community groups such as faith, civic, business, or youth.