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Learn Why Repair is an Important Part of an Extended Waste Hierarchy

Step 1. What do you do when something you own, say an appliance or your smartphone, breaks? Often there are two options: fix it, or replace it. Replacing an item is sometimes easier than repairing it, and the most cost-effective solution. But in a circular economy, we want goods and materials to stay in circulation at high value for as long as possible.

Listen and learn why "right to repair" and fixing our things are important.

Right to Repair: PIRG is working on "right to repair" policies to make it easier for people to fix things themselves.

Ep 99: The Circular Economy and Repair: Listen to this podcast from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Read: What is a Repair Café?

Step 2. Read some history of the Repair Café movement.


Find a Repair Café Near You

Step 3. Use the map from to find a Repair Café near you.

Here's a link to information about MAXT's (Monadnock Art X Tech) Repair Café in Peterborough, NH.

Host Your Own Repair Café

Step 4. Follow the steps provided by the Central Vermont Solid Waste District to host your own Repair Café.