Actions In Progress

Christina - 11/6/22 - Portsmouth/Beyond Plastics: Plastic Free Lunch Day at LHS in Portsmouth, follow up Microplastic Madness Screening in the next few weeks at the Portsmouth Public Library, Restaurants and Skip the Stuff campaign including onboarding OFRs that are restaurants already trying to do the right thing and the  introduction of an accessories upon request ordinance, Container Deposit study group

Christina - 10/23/22 - Portsmouth/Beyond Plastics - working with restaurant group; Surfrider ‘Skip the Stuff’ campaign; Container Deposit group

Portsmouth - 8/28/22 - Christina: Surfrider has new restaurant campaign - “Skip the Stuff” to reduce disposables. (Note: Upstream has a similar campaign.)

Portsmouth - 8/14/22 - Christina: Dismantled library display from Plastic Free July and had Eco Day at Farmers’ Market. Did tabling there. Shared restaurant cards. Talked about getting food out of the waste stream. Busy onboarding with Beyond Plastic. 

Portsmouth - 6/19/22 - Christina: Christina has been joined by Jess Blasko of The Refill Station in Portsmouth to create a Portsmouth Public Library display. They will have a book display working off the Dover list, a display case with items like nurdles and reusable swaps, the t-shirt to tote take & make, and 2D displays focusing on reusables. We will also of course have a portion about Ten Towns and how to join the effort. All of this will serve as a promo for a screening of The Story of Plastic that Jess is leading which will likely occur in September.  

This Tuesday Christina will be joining some fellow Surfrider Foundation NH chapter executive committee members to table a pre-show as part of the Jack Johnson All at Once campaign at the Bank of NH Pavilion. All At Once promotes Sustainable Local Food Systems and Plastic Free Initiatives. There will be a Rise Above Plastic display and they will promote the Plastic Free July challenge, as well as the Ten Towns Toolkit there as well. 

Portsmouth - 5/20/22 - Christina: Surfrider clean-up notably found 2 hypodermic needles at Jenness Beach;  Continuing to work with both youth and adult services at PPL for Plastic Free July activity.  

Portsmouth - 5/8/22 - Christina: Working with the library for Plastic Free July activity.  A conundrum – we want people to recycle, but don’t want to perpetuate plastic by offering recycling!  Promote reusable, turning off the tap!  The history of Trex (begun by Exxon?): https://www.referenceforbusiness.com/history/Th-Ul/Trex-Company-Inc.html

Portsmouth - 4/24/22 - Christina continues Surfrider work while she finishes her master's degree

Portsmouth  4/10/22 - Jess owns a refill station, and is part of Portsmouth Climate Solutions, Blue Ribbon Sustainability Committee writing the Climate Action Plan, multi-town summit coming up w/UNH. Christina reached out to the Youth Services director at PPL about Plastic Free July; planning late May outreach to Rockingham TTTA Launch attendees

Portsmouth - 3/13/27 - Christina is working with SEAREI - Plant it for the Planet = climate cafe - restaurants to provide plant based food; handout on plant based gas emissions data; hoping to serve on reusables; outreach to library for either Earth Day or Plastic Free July

Actions Completed

Get the Word Out About  Your Ten Towns • Ten Actions Success and Plastic Pollution

Christina shared a table with Portsmouth WRAD, SEARE at the Portsmouth Farmers Market. People were excited about the restaurant cards.