False Solutions: "Advanced" or "Chemical" Recycling 

So called chemical "recycling," which we in the NH Network Plastics Working group call "chemical not recycling" is a false solution that perpetuates adding carbon polution to the atmosphere and tricks people into justifying their use of plastics. Watch the video to learn more.

Advanced Recycling of Plastic – An Overview with Lessons from Other States

Hazardous smoke from fires at a plastic-to-fuel "advanced recycling" plant in Ashley, Indiana)

To greenwash sales of single-use plastics, plastics manufacturers perpetuate the hoax that plastic can be "chemically recycled."

Plastic is highly toxic and flammable making recycling dangerous to workers, firefighters, and communities.  Collecting, sorting, and reprocessing efforts are often poorly run with inadequate environmental, health, safety, and worker protections. 


Furthermore, these plastic makers, recyclers, and re-purposers are often in low-income areas, resulting in environmental justice concerns.

Working on Waste promotes safe alternatives to the Wheelabrator trash incinerator in Claremont, NH. WOW's goals include clean air and a healthy local environment.

GAIA works towards justice in a world free from incineration.