Actions In Progress

Hollis - 10/9/22 - Darla: LTEs focused on groundwater runoff, advanced recycling; taking ‘Beyond Plastics’ class; will look at TTTA website and consider taking actions; has been able to have conversations with people who have divergent views

Hollis 5/8/22 - Juliana: had a town wide clean-up at the end of April; a local boy scout set up online sign-ups for his scout project.  It was a small group, awareness is expanding, roads are staying cleaner.  The girl scouts used to have a recycling collection bin, but difficulty finding folks to transport it to the recycling location.

Hollis/Brookline - 4/10/22 - Julie is expanding her newspaper’s reach, working on plastic film recycling, plastic/trash pick ups, and student activities

Hollis - 3/13/22 - Julie writes about Hollis/Brookline news for the Hollis/Brookline Rotary Club; consider foam collection

Actions Completed