Jon Swan, Dalton


Phone: 603) 991-2078 Town: Dalton


  • Common-sense OIF veteran, with a great sense of humor, waging a one-man war against an evil, out-of-state predatory company that seeks to build a mega-landfill 2800 feet from beautiful, pristine Forest Lake in Dalton, NH.

  • In the 3rd year of this multi-faceted, multi-front battle, I have successfully rallied public opinion against Casella Waste Systems, rallied opposition to all phases of the proposed development, responsible for the implementation of emergency zoning in the Town of Dalton, as well as leading the effort behind the withdrawal of the wetlands permit application by the corporation, and am in the midst of a 2-year defamation lawsuit brought forth by the corporation, in an effort to silence my efforts and well-documented opinions.

  • My website and social media presence, maintained on a daily, up-to-the basis, all providing a cornucopia of documentation and news reports centering around this dangerously-irresponsible landfill project.

  • HB177 is one of my proudest legislative efforts/defeats, as we got this bill passed not just once in the NH House in 2021, despite being Inexpedient to Legislate in committee, but twice, only to be defeated twice, in the NH Senate.

Relevant Skills:

  • Research, networking, coalition building, writing, raising awareness, angering evil corporations, can smell greenwashing a mile away.


  • Save Forest Lake, CLF

  • NH Sierra Club

  • Community Action Works

  • Forest Lake Association

  • North Country Alliance For Balanced Change

  • D.U.M.P.

  • DontWasteME

  • New Hampshire Network