Ten Towns Ten Actions 


The Ten Towns • Ten Actions Toolkit is designed to work within a flexible framework to address policy, engagement, and infrastructure actions. Some community leaders may be skilled and passionate about policy change, others may be drawn to event planning and education, while others may want to address infrastructure and systems change. Actions in all three areas tie together to demonstrate broad community support for rethinking plastic and addressing plastic waste reduction and pollution.

Policy Actions 

Policy actions are adopted by a Municipal Department, Selectboard, or City Council

Engagement Actions

Engagement Actions involve citizen action, community events, and education

Infrastructure Actions

Infrastructure actions change existing systems by creating a new system

Explore the framework areas and related first step actions below:

Actions to take with town or city government officials.

Actions to take to engage with individuals, families, and groups in your community.

Actions to take to change existing systems.

"Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.”

~Arthur Ashe