Actions In Progress

Nancy - 11/6/22 - Bristol - interviewing restaurants; starting eco-clubs in schools at all levels by contacting teachers who are willing to engage; also working with the Honor Society; finding the right person is key; plastic film; researching pizza box recycling (can be composted); reaching out to Hannaford’s HQ

Bristol - 5/20/22 - Nancy: Sustainability Fair; Poster with info: used credit card ref; 10 other vendors: beekeeper, forest group, second-hand store, activities for kids with recycled materials, a lot of people want to join their committee

Bristol - 5/822 - Nancy: will have a Sustainability Fair May 17, with 17 groups participating (gardening, planting, use this/not that, give-away of metal water bottles with logos); mentioned in Newfound Lake newspaper 4 times! Their Hannafords takes plastic wraps #2 and #4.  Showed videos about plastic to students (12-16 year olds), then gave them colored plastic lids for crafts–balancing the disturbing science with a creative activity.  NOTE:  NexTrex website gives information about Hannafords plastic collection.  

Bristol - 4/24/22 - Nancy shared that she is showing YouTube videos about the harm of plastics and actions to take; followed by an art project based on reuse messaging for 25 children at the Bristol Community Center; doing a monthly Earth Day Everyday presentation/discussion at the library on topics people  show an interest in at the Sustainability Fair (May 21);  Hannaford  plastics collection

Bristol - 3/27/22 - Nancy is speaking at Starr King UU Fellowship about the Ten Towns (Plymouth area); talking to youth center director about possible composting and the award winning film about  the 5th graders,"MICROPLASTIC MADNESS"; Library committee agreed to do one presentation a month for adults about Sustainability.  In June, we are preparing 50 craft boxes for families dealing with plastics.  May 24, Sustainability Fair

Bristol - 3/13/22 - Nancy is meeting w/Hannaford’s to discuss their article ‘Unwrapping the Future of Plastic’ in their ‘Fresh’ publication (begins on pg 39) and TREX collection program; monthly program at library ‘Use This Not That’; talked with Paige Wilson LRRPC - very interested; plan to initiate middle school and high school eco clubs in fall; sharing Recycle Right campaign by NRRA; have connected with Tara in Tamworth

Actions Completed