Actions In Progress

Lebanon -  5/20/22 - Darla:  Sustainable Lebanon: beta testing app, group is meeting this week so will be able to report out next time

Lebanon -  5/8/22 -  Darla:  began to approach  restaurants, but they seem to be struggling right now.  Sustainable Lebanon is Beta testing  software that measures carbon footprint (points for walking rather than driving, using less water…)  Cynthia asks if the software acknowledges that less carbon is used with reusables, since plastic is carbon-intense. Cindy: Had styrofoam collection in Lebanon; great handout, including information on REDUCING foam use (thanks to Cynthia). Spoke with her Co-Op grocery store’s board of directors about reducing single-use plastic in bulk and produce sections, and has support from Lebanon students. Co-op finally returning to efforts suspended during COVID.  Gilford will have a foam densifier beginning in June

Lebanon - Darla is a member of Sustainable Lebanon and Lebanon Conservation Commission; volunteered at Lebanon foam collection; Pittsburgh facilitated water’s civil rights position which supported fracking ban; active in plastic waste reduction wherever she lives; communicates with corporations on plastic waste reduction

Actions Completed

Completed on January 18, 2022 by Cindy Heath of Cornish.

Cindy Heath connected with the Lebanon High School Students for Sustainability who hosted a Plastic Free Lunch Day. The faculty advisor reported that the waste for Plastic Free Lunch Day was 1/2 the volume of the usual waste.

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2022  | Time: 10am-3pm  

Location: Gardener’s Supply Garden Centers - Burlington & Williston, VT, Lebanon, NH & Hadley, MA

Details: Cindy Heath and Jennifer Grant from Sustainable Lebanon organized participants to stop by Gardener’s Supply to recycle their plastic pots. All containers & plastic pots of any size (1gal, 2, gal, etc.) with the designation/symbol #2 and #5 plastics were recycled.