Center Harbor

Actions In Progress

Carol - Center Harbor - 11/6/22 - Carol: Regional Manager reports transition away from plastic bags at check out; working with Meredith transfer station on shifting staff to follow thru with recycling #1 & #2 plastic; Center Harbor librarian wants to engage on plastics again; Energy Committee proposal in Laconia; Paula Chambers (Taylor Community) will work on the EC effort

Carol - 10/23/22 - Center Harbor: Participating to Beyond Plastics class; have sent letters to US Senators & Reps about the Break Free From Plastic Pollution act (introduced in 2019); Annie Kuster is a co-sponsor; librarian for middle school was helpful on Earth Day; wants to extend plastic reduction solutions for restaurants to supermarkets; Dutch company affiliated with Hannaford’s is environmentally friendly; may appeal to Hannaford’s to match their efforts in the U.S.; Meredith/Center Harbor transfer station will no longer accept #1, #2 plastics - following up with NRRA & Judith Enck

Center Harbor – 9/25/22 - Carol: Attending Enck’s course on plastic via Bennington College – course will repeat; Plastic Free July actions were successful; On Energy Committee, and most, but not all, members understand connection between energy and plastics; Recommend past webinar on alternative packaging from seaweed and mushrooms

Center Harbor - 8/14/22 - Carol: Display at Center Harbor Library. Purchased nonplastic storage containers, put them up, and compared them to plastic, used one of our PWG signs, distributed bookmarks, and brochures. Spending more time at the library, which is well used by residents and visitors, is a good venue for educational materials. Librarian has kept handouts and is continuing to distribute. Bags being distributed through the library. 

Center Harbor, Meredith, Moultonborough  - 5/20/22 - Carol: Inspired by Dover reusable campaign and will present to select board; Creating a statement and will present to SB on Wednesday; Energy committee members recommend moving beyond just July; unified front with energy comm., conservation commission and library to get the word out; Connection between energy and recycling/plastic; Center Harbor surrounded by many lakes (middle of state), so worried about the ocean but we need to take care of our lakes; Met with librarian; also Interlakes school; can we get access to microplastic movie to have a screening (maybe once school starts back up)? Will share ideas from Google group

Center Harbor, Meredith, Moultonborough - Carol: got books to the 3 libraries and a school library, zoom presentation by NHN.  Library posted on FB some of the new Earth Day books, the Network’s zoom, and a zero-carbon presentation.  Science teachers at the Interlakes School in Meriden saw that presentation and will use it with their students. Hope we can share more with schools, contact schools!  Carol presented about these activities to her select board, to get their buy-in.  

Center Harbor - 4/24/22 - Carol: Center Harbor & Moultonborough have Earth Day displays, ZOOM presentation on Earth Day; recording will be available; clean up day held; may do another clean up for Plastic Free July

Center Harbor 4/10/22 - Carol: has been collaborating with the Center Harbor Librarian and librarians from Meredith, Moultonborough and InterLakes Schools to publicize Earth Day 2022; also Bristol and Taylor Community in Laconia. NH Network members Reinmar, Susan and John Gage will present a Call to Action and Network update on 4/20/22 at 1 p.m. 

Center Harbor - 3/27/22 - Carol: is meeting with the Selectboard; predicts support for Earth Day events with library; shared book list  with Interlakes School & Meredith Library; connecting Selectboard with Network; collaborating with Nancy (Bristol) & Paula (Taylor Comm)

Actions Completed

Book Display of Climate and Environment Books for April 2022 and Earth Day.