Food Waste & Composting

Work with Your Municipality to Start a Food Scrap Diversion Pilot

Learn Why Reducing Food Waste is Important to Fighting Climate Change

Step 1. Read on Project Drawdown's website.

Food waste contributes to about 8 percent of global emissions and almost everyone wastes food! When food is wasted, all the energy, resources, and money that went into producing, processing, packaging, and transporting it are wasted, too. Greenhouse gases are produced at every stage. 

And since most people put their food waste into plastics bags before landfilling, composting help is a plastics pollution solution!

Watch and Read About Available Resources

Step 2. Use the following resources to educate yourself, look for funding sources, and read about successful food scrap diversion programs.

Start Your Own Food Scrap Diversion Program

Step 3. Use the resource How to Start a Municipal Food Scrap Diversion Program and follow these steps:


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