Cynthia Walter, Dover


Phone: 412-610-4327 Town: Dover


  • Former biology professor and pollution researcher in Pennsylvania

  • Recently retired to New Hampshire

  • Volunteer Science Advisor for NGO’s in PA

  • Volunteer in NH non-partisan and political groups

  • Active grandparent

  • Love being outdoors

Relevant Skills: Research – Locate and summarize scientific literature

Ten Towns, Ten Actions Leader Resource Expertise:

  • Presenting - e.g., to kids, general public, administrators, politicians

  • School partnerships - Educational materials and events in schools

  • Library Partnerships – NH, ME, MA

  • Church Partnerships - presentations & purchasing

  • Grant writing


  • Dover Democrats Energy & Environment Action Group

  • Dover Democrats Plastics Group

  • Don’t Trash Dover

  • NH Safe Water Alliance

  • Sierra Club