Resolution or Warrant Article to Rethink Plastic

Propose a Local Resolution or Submit a Warrant Article

Definition of a resolution: A resolution is a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by the Town Selectboard or City Council.

Definition of a warrant article: Warrant articles are developed by individuals, groups or elected officials, often in response to concepts or opportunities they identify primarily to improve Town functions.

Read and Review

Step 1a: Download the Dover Resolution* template 

Step 1b. Read about warrant articles on the NH Municipal Association website and in this article by the League of Women Voters (MA). Review the Carbon Cash-Back Warrant Article Petition for an example of language to use. You might want to propose a warrant article to the effect of "all city/town events will be zero-waste by 2030."

Modify Templates

Step 2: Download a copy of the Dover Resolution template and modify the language to reflect your town's or city's name or modify the Carbon Cash-back petition to reflect your town or city’s name and propose warrant article language for your town that addresses plastic pollution. 

Contact Your Town Official or Administrator

Step 3: Present your resolution to an official partner on your city council/town select board for approval. If you chose to work on a warrant article, contact your Town Administrator to find out the deadline for submitting warrant article petitions in your town/city and the number of signatures needed to have the warrant article submitted by petition. 

Collect Signatures

Step 4: If you are working on a warrant article you will need to collect signatures. Mail or email the petition to neighbors asking for signatures or "table" in front of a local business, at your library, or at your recycling/transfer station. Bring a clipboard and a pen. After people sign, thank them, ask them to tell their friends, and to vote “yes” on the warrant article at Town Meeting.

Be Prepared to Speak

Step 5: Be prepared to speak and answer questions on the warrant article at Town Caucus and Town Meeting.

Build on Your Resolution or Warrant Article

Step 6: Consider how you can build on your resolution or warrant article by asking your library to host a display, offer a community presentation, or create a ‘Take the Challenge’ community campaign.