Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics:

Tips for Restaurants

Reusable Seacoast

A pilot project by members of the Dover Plastics Reduction Group and Surfrider NH, who are also NH Plastics Working Group Members.

Help for taking policy action to prevent restaurants from providing unnecssary utensils and packets unless they are requested.

The Reusable Foodware Purchasing Guide gives recommendations from Clean Water Fund and Clean Water Actions’ ReThink Disposable program and The Surfrider Foundation. This resource will help restaurant owners switch from disposables to reusables.

BYO strives for cultivating zero waste strategies and policy change. They support local groups committed to promoting the concept of BYO (Bring Your Own). The acronym BYO can include "C for containers, M for mugs, U for utensils, and N for napkins." 

Foodware promotes a convenient collect and return system. It's an economical and environmentally friendly way to replace single-use takeout containers.

Dispatch Goods is a returns logistics platform that helps save money, elevate brand image, and keep packaging out of landfills.

* Foodware includes dinnerware, drinkware, silverware, and ramekins/containers.

** Exceptions may be made for naturally occurring materials (e.g. hay, bamboo) and reusables (e.g. metal, glass), not including bio-based plastic. Straws should be provided to anyone who needs one, including people with disabilities.