A startup company’s plan to convert plastics into diesel fuel has so far failed to get off the ground in New Hampshire as skeptics continue to raise questions about the potential to create hazardous waste and air pollution. (Quotes Cynthia Walter.)

by Lisa Prevost for Energy News Network, March 15, 2023

LTEs by Susan Richman on the Turnkey air permit in the Conway Daily Sun, Portsmouth Herald/Seacoast Online, and (shorter version) Concord Monitor. 

Pieces restated info from Cynthia Walter, who also provided edits.

By Virginia Drye Eagle Times Staff. Published online September 12, 2023

Contact Cindy Heath at or visit for more information.

By DARLA THYNG in the Concord Monitor. Published July 14, 2023.

by Patricia Beffa-Negrini in the Keene Sentinel. Published July 13, 2023

by Patricia Beffa-Negrini in the Keene Sentinel. Published June 29, 2023

Letter To The Editor: Reduce Waste, Skip the Stuff 

by Kristine Baber, April 21, 2023

Two Conferences call for Synod response to ‘plastic pandemic’

by Kayla Berkey | published on Mar 28, 2023 for the United Church of Christ website. Two quotes from the article:

The 2023 General Synod of the United Church of Christ will consider 17 resolutions and several bylaw changes when it meets June 30-July 4 in Indianapolis. This is one in a series of articles about them. Full texts of each of the proposed resolutions are available at the General Synod website

The resolution writers sought out partnerships with groups already doing work to reduce plastics, including Ten Towns and Beyond Plastics. “We’re ahead of the game on implementation,” said the Rev. Robert Grabill, who heads the New Hampshire group. “We’re pretending that it’s already going to be approved, and we want it to be active and implemented in a number of ways.

COMMENTARY: New Hampshire has a responsibility to do its best for the land and climate

by Ann Podlipny for the New Hampshire Bulletin, March 8, 2023

Making Your Voice Heard – The NH Network:  Environment, Energy, Climate 

By WAYNE D. KING and featuring Susan Richman of the NH Network Plastics Working Group and Pat Martin from Citizens’ Climate Lobby, the Monadnock Sustainability Hub and the Keene Clean Energy Team. November 17, 2022.

Listen here:

Letter: Peterborough’s water is good

by Jonathan Gourlay for the Monadnock Ledger Transcript, November 8, 2022


Good Morning with Dan Mitchell on WKBK, October 5, 2022

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Gilford leading New England in recycling innovation: Machine first of its kind regionally


Valley News article on Plastic Free July (link and text)

Go plastic-free in July

Plastic waste and pollution have reached epic proportions. Billions of tons of plastic have been produced since it was invented in the early 1900’s. Though useful, most has accumulated in landfills, landscapes, rivers, and oceans. Most plastic does not make it into the recycling stream. Single use plastic is everywhere.

What can be done to stem the tide? Plastic Free July invites individuals to try going plastic-free for the month, or at least reduce plastic consumption.

Here are a few ideas of how we can each make a difference: 

■ Avoid plastic-wrapped food. 

■ Use cloth or paper bags for shopping. 

■ Buy food in bulk. 

■ Bring your own silverware, cups, and plateware to picnics. 

■ Just say “no” to plastic products (toys, supplies, packaging, etc.). 

Take the challenge to reduce your plastic consumption or to go plastic-free altogether during July at

Interested in more plastic-free action? The Ten Towns, Ten Actions Campaign in New Hampshire is a group of volunteers taking action in their local communities to reduce plastic waste and pollution. See more at You can also find information at the Sustainable Lebanon Facebook page,, contact us at 603-252-1618 or email

Jon Chaffee 

President, Sustainable Lebanon

Choose to refuse: New Hampshire goes plastic-free for July

interview of Cindy Heath by Angie Skyeny for the the Hippo . Published July 13, 2022, page 6.

Letter: A plastic-free July

by Ann Podlipny in the Concord Monitor. Published: July 13, 2022.

Opinion: Marine plastic pollution – we aren’t off the hook yet

By KENNEDY McGRATH for the Concord Monitor. Published June 12, 2022.

New Hampshire Citizens for Progress episode with Host Rick Maynard interviewing Cindy Heath and Christina Dubin about the NH Network Plastics Work Group and the Ten Towns • Ten Actions Campaign.

The NH Network's Plastics Working Group began in August of 2021. The group has been collaborating, with guidance from Community Action Works, on a statewide campaign to inspire and support NH citizens to take action on rethinking plastic and reducing plastic waste. 

Everyone—individuals, groups, communities—can participate in the Ten Towns • Ten Actions Campaign. The Toolkit rollout Zoom event, which included speakers and a tour of the Toolkit, was held on February 7th, 2022.