Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics

Lists of where to Bulk Grocery Shop and Compost by state ... and more.

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we took our common desire for sustainability and made the decision

 to help educate the people of our community and others in the importance of living an eco-lifestyle. 

Our brick and mortar store is just the beginning."

"At the heart of it, these three logos demonstrate our commitment to our planet and you. 

By shopping on EarthHero, you’re helping to build a more sustainable world. We take our responsibility to make the planet better seriously, and these certifications are just one example of that commitment."

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Extended User Responsibility

Learn about Maine's Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging Law

January 2023 Past Action 

Join the FoCo Trash Mob Team for a Starbucks Mob

ANYTIME in the month of January 2023, simply click this link to see a letter to Starbucks

It's as easy as

Thanks for participating!

Note: Here at the Ten Towns Toolkit we wonder why they are waiting 10 years!? But at least they already have print educational materials. Here's one example: