Plastic Pollution Proclamation for

Plastic Free July

Join Towns Around the World with a Proclamation: 

July is Plastic Pollution Reduction Month

Definition of a Proclamation: A proclamation is an official declaration issued by a Town Selectboard or City Council to make something known in a public and official announcement. 

Plastic Free July

Step 1. Study the international movement: Plastic Free July, which includes participants from 190 countries who choose to refuse single-use plastics.

Plastic Pollution Coalition Webinar

Step 2. Watch the Plastic Pollution Coalition webinar with the founder of Plastic Free July

Dover, Hopkinton, and New London Templates

Step 3. Download the Dover Proclamation template. Dover chose to ask for July to be proclaimed Plastic Pollution Reduction Month rather than the month be “plastic free” expecting that request to have a higher likelihood of being approved. 

There are also proclamations from Hopkinton and New London.

To make a page similar to Hopkinton's for 2023 you will need to download 2 files:

Modify the Proclamation Template

Step 4. On the copy of the Proclamation that you downloaded in Step 3, modify the language for your town/city.

Present a Draft and Submit the Draft for Review

Step 5. Present a draft of your proclamation to a official partner in your city council/town select board. 

Ask your official partner if they need the statement to be reviewed by the city solicitor.

Build on your Proclamation

Step 6. Consider how you can build on your proclamation by asking your library to host a display, offer a community presentation, or create a ‘Take the Challenge’ community campaign.