Eliminate Single Use Plastics in Schools

Work with Your School Administration on Eliminating 

Single Use Plastics in the Cafeteria

Learn by Reading

Step 1.  Read Ditching Disposables: A Toolkit for Healthier Foodware in K-12 Schools from the Center for Environmental Health and the K-12 section of the Green Lunchroom Challenge . Also, use ideas from the Cafeteria Culture website: http://www.cafeteriaculture.org/.

Look into this non-profit partner called Plastic Free Restaurant that will buy reusable food ware for schools such as cups, utensils, bowls, and trays.

Learn by Watching

Step 2. Watch short video presentation on plastic pollution to the Hopkinton School Board on August 24, 2021 (Start at 2:19:00 and stop at 2:23:25)

Contact School Administrators 

Step 3. Contact the Hanover or Somersworth High School Administration to learn about their success

Convene Interested Others

Step 4. Convene a group of interested parents, teachers, and students to begin exploring options.