Powerpoints, Films & Webinars


These PowerPoint presentations can be used and adapted to fit your needs. If you have a presentation that you would like to add to this resource, please email us at nhplasticwaste@gmail.com.

Films & Webinars

  • "Bag It" is recommended for tone and humor, but it is long and was done a few years ago so doesn’t emphasize the link to climate change and environmental justice.

  • Frontline’s “Plastic Wars” is excellent, 54 minutes running time and more recent (2020). But it’s pretty serious unlike Bag It.

  • The Story of Plastic” has excellent content, but some people comment that it leaves them feeling discouraged.

You Tube

  • Forever chemicals: The threat of PFAS in our water - CBS Sunday Morning 8.21.2022

  • Learn about Maine's Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging Law