School Environmental Club

Start an Environmental Club at Your School

Recruit Club Members

Step 1. It makes the process a lot easier to get your friends on board!

Look at the Possibilities & Set Goals

Step 2. Learn about environmental projects you can do in your own school community from students in New South Wales, Australia.

Step 3. Goals are important! A long term one should come first (what you want to accomplish by the end of the year), and then short term goals of how to get there,

Step 4. Consider data collection on plastic waste, eliminating plastic straws in your school, or starting a bee farm!

Get Permission from the Administration

Step 5. Ask your school administration for permission to start a club.

Step 6. Ask a faculty member to serve as the advisor. Often a science teacher serves in this role but other teachers might as well.

Promote the Club & Get Started!

Step 7. Take a week to promote with fliers, announcements and through the teachers leading the club.

Step 8. Keep brainstorming activities to do like plastic free lunch day, cafeteria waste audit, recycling, composting, reducing single use plastic, environmental film screenings, guest speakers.

Step 9. Choose one project to start working on.

Step 10. Connect with other sustainability clubs in your area to increase impact.