Ban Single Use Plastic

Propose a Ban on Single Use Plastic Water & Soda Bottles

Step by Step Provided by Plastic Free Martha’s Vineyard Students

  1. Meet with a government official to understand how a bylaw works

  2. Meet with local environmental organizations to collaborate (Is anyone else doing the same thing?)

  3. Meet with any local activists to collaborate

  4. Research which bylaws have already been written (Feel free to borrow ours!)

  5. Find other folks who may have done the same

  6. Meet with those who may be affected by your bylaw

  7. Find options for your opponents (in our case: aluminum bottles, glass bottles, boxed water, etc.)

  8. Take field trips to see how your bylaw may affect stores, etc.

  9. Make flyers explaining your bylaw

  10. Hold public forums at local libraries

  11. Create a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and a website

  12. Meet with Boards of Health to ask if they could enforce the bylaw

  1. Go to Board of Selectmen meetings to see if they will support you and put your bylaw on the warrant for you

  2. Find out how a town meeting is run (Call the Town Moderator, etc.)

  3. Show films related to your bylaw at your forums

  4. Find local events to attend and have a booth with information at them

  5. Contact your local radio station for an interview

  6. When it comes time for town meeting, call everyone you know in that town and ask for their support

  7. Speak to as many people as you can (flyer outside of stores w/ informational handouts, etc.)

  8. At town meeting, be ready outside with flyers

  9. Cross your fingers!